How are group chats formed and what control do I have over them?

Group chats are formed in two ways;

1. You may start a group chat with your friends, just like a normal messaging app
2. Gomo will automatically match you with friends in group chats when they are interested in the same activities as you

When we match you in group chats, we strive to accurately reflect your actual circles of friends. This way groups include people who enjoy hanging out in real-life together. To do this, we follow rules about who can and cannot be automatically matched in the same groups. For example, the first 3 people we add to a group must all be friends with one another. Each additional person we add must be friends with all, except at most one, of the people already in the group. Also, when a user starts a group, they can only add people they are already friends with.

We also created app features to give you control of your group chats. For instance, you may leave a group at any time by going to group options and selecting the “Leave” button. Also, we’ll never automatically match anyone in a group chat that you started or one in which someone has already sent a message. Instead, we’ll only automatically match people to group chats that we started and no one has sent a message in.

Why do group chats expire?

Your account could become overcrowded with group chats as you match with friends on the thousands of activities on Gomo. To keep the number of group chats manageable, the ones you don’t use disappear after they’ve been inactive for a long time. If you want to delay a group chat from expiring, simply send a text message in it to save it for 30 more days. If a text message has never been sent in a group chat, it will expire 14 days after the last person was added to the group.

Why do My Interests reset?

We believe the best matches are based on the activities you and your friends are currently interested in, and not the ones you were interested in weeks or months ago. Therefore, each of your interests will reset after 14 days, meaning you won’t match with friends on the activity until you re-add it to your interests. You may re-add an activity to your interests when it reappears in your activity feed or at any time by searching for the activity.

We added features to help you control when interests reset. For instance, before an activity resets, you may renew your interest in it for 14 days. Also, if you always enjoy doing an activity and therefore want to match with friends any time they’re also interested in it, you may prevent the activity from resetting by adding it to your favorites.

Activities you skipped may reappear in your activity feed after they have reset, just like your interests. However, if you repeatedly skip an activity, we’ll begin showing it to you less frequently

What happens if I add an activity to my Favorites

Adding an activity to your favorites prevents it from resetting. This means that no matter when your friends are interested in the activity, you will be matched with them in a group chat. It’s best to add activities you always enjoy doing to your favorites.

Add an activity to your favorites using the ••• button on the activity.

What does the Activity Distance slider on the Settings screen do?

This lets you control which activities appear in your activity feed, based on their distance from you. We’ll mostly show you activities within this distance, but may show you a few exceptionally fun activities just beyond it. Also, not all activities have a consistent location, like a local running club that meets at a different spot each week, so we’ll also show you activities like this, which are not always within the distance you set.

Who can see an activity I created?

When you create an activity, we’ll start by only showing it to your friends, but it may be shown in the activity feeds of all users. If your friends add the activity to their interests, we’ll also show it to their friends. If their friends also add the activity to their interests, we’ll show it to their friends too, and so on. If people keep adding your activity to their interests, causing it to go viral, all users may see your activity in their Activity Feed.

May I edit an activity I created?

Explain the edits you would like to make in the “Report an Issue” option through the ••• button on the activity. We’ll review your request and edit the activity as needed.